ADA Transition Planning


Scope Refinement
Accessibility Audit
GIS Integration 
ADA Toolkit/Interactive Mapping Solutions
Cost Estimating Remediation
Prioritization Methodology
Staff Training & Technical Support
Public Outreach &
  Disability Community Participation
Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan Preparation
Barrier Removal Tracking
Effective Implementation Plan

Cole is known nationally for its Accessibility Expertise, ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan development, acting as either the prime or sub-consultant on many accessibility projects of varying size, serving universities, states, counties, townships, and cities. 

Our firm specializes in streamlining pedestrian access, exterior sites, and public rights of way evaluation and has led teams for overarching ADA self-evaluation and transition planning to incorporate comprehensive facilities and program review. This has included facilities, parks, pedestrian access, policies, practices, activities and overall programs offered agencies of every size. We are known for policy guidance and creating streamlined consultant teams for comprehensive public agency solutions. Use of cutting-edge technology and providing data in a manner that allows our clients to easily manage, adjust and improve access over time is key to our approach. For an example of the technology our team uses, click here to see our ULIP/Data Collector in action.   

Our team has assessed over 100,000 exterior pedestrian access route features, tens of thousands of miles of sidewalk, and thousands of square feet of parks and buildings for ADA compliance and policy/program evaluations. We have provided ADA compliance review work for integration into formal ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans for many agencies across the nation, with some being one-year projects and other multi-year contracts. 

Cole has serviced dozens of public agencies and university clients in recent years.  Click this link to see a recent update about our work with the Texas Department of Transportation. 

This helpful video from the US Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration will walk you through the Self-Evaluation process.