Leading a statewide ADA Transition Plan process

Project: TxDOT

Since 2015, Cole’s ADA experts have worked with TxDOT through a three-phased ADA Transition Plan update process. Cole’s experienced ADA Transition Plan consultants have collaborated with TxDOT through data collection via customized technology, cost estimating with prioritization, and are now drafting the state’s updated Transition Plan.

Applying ADA technical and policy expertise on a large scale

Effective and impactful ADA Transition Plans provide far more than improved pedestrian accessibility, and our work with TxDOT exemplifies that. Before developing a customized statewide data collection approach, we first assisted in conducting workshops between the state’s design department and civil rights division to understand needs and policy concerns beyond pedestrian access, ensuring that our work put them on their unique path to compliance.

A map of Texas containing TxDOT Curb Ramps Roughly 80k ramps

Project Stats

Years of collaboration with TxDOT
Engineers, accessibility specialists, and software developers on Cole’s TxDOT team
Districts included in data collection; the entirety of the state
Facilities assessed for integration into the ADA Transition Plan
Miles of sidewalk mapped using ULIP and custom data collectors
Visual of Sidewalk in App Interface
Colleague working on a ADA Transition Planning project on scooter

Customized data collection and management

Creating a systematic approach to data collection and management was a critical component in setting up the state for compliance success. We defined varied options for data collection methodology for sidewalks, intersections, access to transit stops, and accessible pedestrian signals and worked with TxDOT to ensure that the data collected would be usable and would help them continuously manage grievances, reporting, and remediation. The sophisticated, customized technology and GIS integration solutions are the foundation for the state’s success in developing an actionable ADA Transition Plan.

Beige Accessibility Facility Ramp
ADA Document

Building a culture of accessibility

The goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to create communities that we can all enjoy, regardless of our abilities. Cole is proud to continue to guide TxDOT through an ADA Transition Plan process that surfaces challenges, collects and manages data, and invites public input, all in service of meeting that goal.



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Additional ADA Transition Projects

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