Planning a destination development

Project: Streets of St. Charles

St. Charles County’s population explosion inspired a leading real estate and development company to envision an innovative mixed-use development on previously underutilized land. Cole came through with streetscape design and planning that continues to draw millions of visitors annually.

Creating a sense of community

The unique town square environment encompasses various streetscapes, including Town Center Drive. Our north star in planning was ensuring pedestrians could reach every building in the development safely and comfortably while enjoying a neighborhood atmosphere and vibrant environment. Lighting, layout, and landscapes of streets and parking lots create a cohesive experience for residents and visitors.

Street View of Saint Charles

Project Stats

Top Most visited city in Missouri
LF Roadway widening and intersection design
Acres of mixed-use development
Visitors annually
Street of Saint Charles on regular days

Balancing convenience and distinction

The planning and design for the Streets of St. Charles was a crucial element in defining its appearance and identity. Creating walkable streets and a pedestrian-friendly environment was balanced with the developer’s vision to bridge the gap between the traditional offerings in the area and the demand in the market for new and unique shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential options.

Accommodating traffic increases

One of the keys to the Streets of St. Charles’ success is its access and visibility from Interstate 70. Cole’s roadway widening and intersection design has resulted in elegant and efficient interchanges, which welcome and encourage visitors. Cole led the coordination with MODOT, the City of St. Charles, the development team, and utilities, which was instrumental to the overall project success.

Aerial view of Streets in Saint Charles



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