ArcGIS Online and Cole’s Service Lines

The emergence of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has revolutionized how engineers plan, design, build, and operate infrastructure projects. GIS leverages geographic data, spatial analysis techniques, and mapping tools to provide engineers with valuable insights into how to effectively plan, design, and implement infrastructure projects. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of GIS tools and apps that engineers can use to make more informed decisions. One such tool is ESRI’s ArcGIS Online. 

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based platform that allows users to access, create, share, and manage geographic information, maps, data, and applications. The platform offers a rich set of tools, data, and services that cater to a wide range of industries and use cases allow engineers to leverage spatial analysis tools, data visualization techniques, and location-based insights to make more informed decisions about infrastructure projects. ArcGIS Online provides seamless access from any device with an internet connection, enabling collaborative work and real-time data updates. 

Key features and capabilities include: 

  • Web Mapping Made Easy: ArcGIS Online offers an intuitive web mapping interface that allows users to create interactive maps without the need for advanced GIS skills. With drag-and-drop functionality, users can add data layers, customize symbology, and perform spatial analyses effortlessly. 
  • Extensive Data Collection: The platform provides access to a vast collection of authoritative and curated datasets covering demographics, climate, topography, and much more. Users can also incorporate their own data, whether through file uploads or direct integration with other systems. 
  • Analysis and Visualization: ArcGIS Online equips users with powerful spatial analysis tools to gain insights from their data. From proximity analysis to heat mapping, users can easily identify patterns, trends, and relationships, leading to better decision-making.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: ArcGIS Online thrives on collaboration. Users can share their maps, applications, and data with specific individuals, groups, the public, and other organizations. This seamless sharing fosters cooperation and empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions. Collaborations are also possible between separate ArcGIS Online organizations. For project delivery, greater functionality may be provided through AEC Project Delivery, a subscription service that allows for secure collaboration for customers even without an existing ArcGIS Online account.


ArcGIS Online is just one of the many tools that Cole and Associates utilize in our GIS service line. Additional offerings include:

  • GIS Implementation & Integrations: 1) Making GIS data actionable requires it to be integrated and available in your business enterprise solutions. 2) Our expert GIS consulting team will lead your integration process in performing a needs assessment and coordinating a desired outcome, ensuring your data is always accurate and up to date. 3) Knowledge and expertise to provide training in proper ESRI technology and tools.
  • Spatial Analysis: Placing your data in the context of location helps uncover trends and patterns and brings you insights to power better decisions.
  • 3D & Data Modeling: Bringing your data to life helps increase accuracy and efficiency on the job site, which can reduce costs and improve performance.
  • Mobile Data Collection: Our extensive experience in municipal GIS public infrastructure data collection, compilation, analysis, and map production allows our team to create comprehensive and customized solutions.
  • Web App Development: A custom web app allows you to share your geospatial data and processing tools quickly and easily with your entire team, ensuring your data is accessible from anywhere.
  • GIS Support Services: Work with us to improve your systems, invest in your team, and leverage GIS technology to propel your company forward.

The Cole GIS team is experienced in a variety of tools and apps that help our clients make more informed decisions and deliver better outcomes in a variety of infrastructure projects. Visit for more information or to connect with a GIS expert today.

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